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The DeSeaCatch company earns
on catch of seafood, for resale in
restaurants of high kitchen.


10 days
daily none
$20 - $250
total 107%
15 days
daily 1.4%
$20 - $500
total 121%
royal crab
25 days
daily 1.8%
$20 - $2000
total 145%
35 days
daily 2.2%
$20 - $20000
total 177%

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to 177%

On the right you have a yield calculator, all you need to do is choose the number of days, the desired amount and the currency in which you want to make a deposit. The calculator will show you the yield for each day and for the whole period. Enjoy the profit every day.

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$7.50 per day
$675.00 for the whole task period

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Oysters are found in the warm waters of the world's oceans. They live in the waters of the Mediterranean and Black seas, in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, as well as near the coasts of Japan. Sea water with a low content of salt is suitable for oysters. They live near the coastline that falls into the zone of tides, in the mouths of rivers. Cultivation of oysters was practiced in Ancient Rome. Today the cultivation industry leaders are Japan, the United States and France, where oysters are called "pearls of French cuisine".


Octopuses live in all tropical and subtropical seas and oceans, from shallow water to a depth of 100-150 m. Octopuses prefer rocky coastal zones, living in caves and rifts of the rocks. In Japan, Korea, and China, octopuses are successfully caught using dummy "burrows". This can be clay containers with a hole in the bottom. In Tunisia, octopuses are caught almost the same way. A container with a hole is thrown into the sea, where the octopus swims, octopuses can't swim out of such containers later.


The Kamchatka crab, known as the red king crab or Alaskan crab, lives in the Bering sea, in the North Pacific ocean in the Kamchatka region and the coastal waters of Alaska. The average water temperature for stable survival of the Kamchatka crab is from 4 to 10°C. Crabs are caught using the special large pots, inside which the bait is put, most often it is cutted herring, and then pots are dropped to the bottom. Buoys are attached to the pots and after one or two days the pots are removed from the water and lifted onto the ship with the hope that there is a king crab inside.


Lobsters belong to the crustaceans, they live in the warm seas of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. You can meet lobsters near the coast of Mexico, California, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Africa. These crustaceans are caught using special traps in the form of baskets. The bait is placed in the baskets and dropped to the bottom and left for the whole night. At night lobsters come to feed and smell the bait (fish meat) come into a trap from which they cannot get out.

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Take a closer look at all the information on the site and our benefits. If you decide to become our partner you will definitely get a positive experience from passive investment in the restaurant business.

why DeSeaCatch?

Investments in fishing
for marine delicacies

Each willing participant can join the activities of our company and invest through a modern investment resource. This does not require contracts and large amounts - investments are available from $20.

Catch of elite

We use investor funds to organize industrial catch of lobsters, octopus, oysters and royal crabs. We mine the best marine delicacies that have a high market price and provide the company with a lot of demand among customers.

Delivery of delicacies to

After the catch, we supply sea delicacies to luxury establishments, restaurant chains and private customers. Thanks to established logistics and tearful transportation, customers receive fresh seafood that meets the highest criteria of quality assessment.

Payment to investors of
profits on deposits

By directing profits from the sale of first-class sea delicacies, we pay income to investors on deposits. The system established over the years allows to guarantee stable profit due to the current investment offer.





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Becoming a partner of our company you can receive passive income as an investor or become a VIP partner and earn even more on the referral commitee from 3 levels of deposits of your investors.

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