Investment plans



10 days
daily none
$20 - $250
total 107%


15 days
daily 1.4%
$20 - $500
total 121%

ROYAL crab

25 days
daily 1.8%
$20 - $2000
total 145%


35 days
daily 2.2%
$20 - $20000
total 177%

All you need to do is to choose an acceptable investment plan for you for the minimum deposit amount and the desired return, we will do everything else for you. You do not need to enter into any contracts as in banks, you do not need to think about the yield as in forex trading or crypting, all you need to do is to come in every day and receive an accrual on dividends.

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Calculate your profit

and earn up
to 177%

On the right you have a yield calculator, all you need to do is choose the number of days, the desired amount and the currency in which you want to make a deposit. The calculator will show you the yield for each day and for the whole period. Enjoy the profit every day.

Select validity period, days
Specify the budget
Select the plan
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$7.50 per day
$675.00 for the whole task period

Invest in Deseacatch and earn profits with us. Deseacatch is your successful investments!

Catching of sea delicacies is a very profitable business. Restaurants are willing to pay the huge sums of money that the best and freshly caught delicacies were served to the tables of gourmets. We work with various restaurants. To expand the scope of our activities and work around the world, we have introduced an investment program that helps to earn money not only for us, but also for all investors who will join our project.

The introduction of our investment program will allow us to expand the scope of our activities and timely deliver only the freshest sea delicacies to all parts of the world. We offer investors only the best and most profitable investment conditions. The plans are designed to meet the needs of all investors and bring them a stable and high income for a long time.

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