Who can register on the website of the Company and become its investor?
Any user can become the participant if he has reached the age of majority. By registering, you confirm that you reached 18.
What does the company? Has the company the official registration?
Our company is completely legal and does the catch of oysters, lobsters, royal crabs and octopus. We supply the elite seafood in the restaurants of delicious cuisine.
Is it safety to use your website, to provide the private information when registering and also payment information in the process of investment?
The collaboration with our company is carried out through the modern internet resource which has all necessary technical characteristics that ensured its reliability and safety.
For investors, is it necessary to be a specialist in any field and to have some specialized knowledge and skills?
You do not need to do any actions besides the registration and making deposits. Your money will be used in the activity of the company. For that you will be paid a predetermined income from us.
What payment systems can we use for investment to the project?
At present, all investments in the project is carried out through the payment system Bitcoin,Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Payeer.
When will I earn the first income from my investments?
In accordance with the conditions of our investment proposal, you will receive the first income on account 24 hours after making deposits.
Are fees charged for operations of replenishment and of withdrawal on the part of the project?
The Company does not charge any fees from its users, but the payment system can charge fees. You should keep it in your mind in the process of replenishment and withdrawal.
What investment conditions are offered by your company?
We have developed four investment tariffs and we provide to earn on the catch of oysters, lobsters, royal crabs and octopus.
Can I take principal ahead of schedule?
Investments from investors are used by the company to organize the catch of seafood and the development of deliveries. Because of that fact, you cannot take money ahead of schedule and the deposit will work according to the condition of the chosen tariff.
What the minimum amount can I invest in accordance with your investment offer?
The amount of minimum deposit in the project is 20$.
Which crypto currency rate you use?
Crypto currency rate is floating but always 5% lower than in the market as not all partners still work directly with crypto currencies. However, in case of strong 7-30% exchange rate fluctuations, we reserve the right to change it in favor of the company and investors to ensure a stable profit for both sides..
Are there restrictions on the maximum amount of the deposit?
The amount of the maximum investment is restricted by the conditions in each tariff.
Is accrued the income on my wallet immediately?
All payments on the deposit are accrued on your balance in the project. You can withdraw money on your wallet in the payment system by making a request.
What amount can I withdraw from the project?
You can make a request for amount from 1$ in USD and $10 for BTC, $5 for Ethereum, Litecoin.
How long does it take to process the request of withdrawal?
For safety we use manual payments in the project. It means that out operator check every request and it may take up to 36 hours.
How often can I make a request on withdrawal?
There are no restrictions on the quantity of requests created by investors. You can make a request when you have an amount on the account that is available for the withdrawal. I made a request on the withdrawal of income.
It’s been 36 hours, but I have not income in my wallet. What should I do?
Check carefully if you really make a request on a withdrawal. If the request have been created actually, but is not processed, you should contact the technical support service, which will solve the appearing problem.
Is there the affiliate program in the project?
Yes, we are working together with partners. You can learn more about conditions in the corresponding sections of the site.
Can the user create more than one record on the site of the company?
The creation of multi-accounts is prohibited by the rules of the project. We strongly recommend you not to break the rule or we will be forced to block all records and amounts on them.
What do I do, if I have forgotten a password and lose access to my record?
Use the form for password recovery. Falling this, contact the technical support service.

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